Respawn ha pubblicato il nuovo aggiornamento di Titanfall 2.

Da oggi é disponibile il nuovo DLC/Aggiornamento gratuito Colonia Rinata; qui di seguito trovate tutti i contenuti aggiuntivi e le migliorie apportate al titolo.


Nuova mappa

  • Colonia: questa mappa classica sarà familiare per i vecchi appassionati di Titanfall. Ambientata in una dormiente cittadina di coloni, il centro popolato vanta vicoli, interni e tetti circondati da viali aperti per i Titan.


  • R-101 – Universalmente ben considerata per la sua versatilità unica, la piattaforma R-101 è stata un pilastro del conflitto umano fin dall’arrivo dei primi coloni dai Sistemi Centrali. Questa versione è dotata del mirino ACOG.

Nuova esecuzione

  • Spaccatesta


Titan Prime

  • Northstar
  • Legion

Pack mimetiche

  • 20 mimetiche

Pack distintivo

  • 20 banner
  • 20 patch

Decorazione Titan

  • 5 nuovi design
  • 1 nuova skin con colori da guerra per Titan


  • Per festeggiare il ritorno di Colonia, l’Elenco in evidenza di tale settimana sarà Colonia 24/7 e supporterà diverse modalità.


  • Oltre a ciò, sarà inoltre disponibile una patch con molti correzioni di bug, bilanciamento e miglioramenti al gioco. Le note complete sulla patch saranno pubblicate in prossimità del lancio.


  • Dal 30/03 al 03/04 saranno attivi i Doppi XP per tutte le modalità in Titanfall 2.

Ulteriori modifiche al titolo(in inglese):



  • Roll the Dice – increased earn meter needed to use
  • Smart Pistol – Fixed bug with locking onto the base of Amped Wall and Hard Cover


Thunderbolt Adjustments

  • Damage per hit increased
  • Damage pulses at a faster rate
  • Substantially reduced the AoE size to Titans
  • Reduced the missile speed

Charge Rifle

  • Charge Hack mod is now a Quick Shot mod instead of Instant Shot.


  • Fixed Speedloader mod not working properly



  • Holo Pilot now has the name and a health bar of the owner pilot
  • Holo Pilot pulses randomly on the minimap
  • Holo Pilot will give a subtle audio cue now to the owner when it’s destroyed

Amped Wall

  • Amped Wall can now be destroyed


  • Reduced the amount of core meter generated by dealing damage to Titans
  • Removed the icon on top of a battery that would appear after a Pilot stole a battery via Rodeo


  • Increased the base duration of Thermal Shield
  • Reduced the increased duration of Inferno Shield kit so it’s total duration stays the same
  • Fuel for the Fire Kit now reduces the cooldown of Fire Wall instead of increasing its duration
  • Fixed a bug where Fire Wall and Flame Core were still being extinguished by Electric Smoke



  • Enemy npcs appear on the minimap in Attrition – for Titanfall 1 veterans, all pilots have Minion Detector.


  • Balanced the locations of batteries that were heavily favoring one team and adjusted other battery positions relative to those being balanced.
  • Restricted Live Fire and LTS max draw rounds to 3

Live Fire

  • Adjusted Live Fire scoring priority so Kills now count higher than Flag Captures
  • You will now instantly steal the flag when executing an enemy flag carrier in Live Fire
  • Live Fire mode will now wait until all players have connected before starting the first round


  • Featured Mode Colony 24/7 Mix of Modes
  • Added Random Pilot Execution option. This will choose a random execution out of the ones you have unlocked.
  • Advocate Gifts will now default to rewarding random cosmetic items instead of credits. This should help players who primarily play one type of loadout get more cosmetic rewards

Coliseum Improvements

  • Added new introduction ceremony
  • Added 9 new victory animations
  • Player now automatically wins Coliseum match if opponent disconnects


Gameplay Fixes

  • Fixed bug in Angel City where embarking into your Titan in certain spots would lead to player death
  • Various fixes to improve overall movement
  • Various improvements to Pilot melee
  • Amped Wall fixes
  • Silence Pistols are now properly amped
  • Arc Grenades can now be thrown through the passable side of the Amped Wall.
  • Fixed issue with Inner Pieces so executed Pilot is facing the same way as the execution
  • Fixed some issues with weapon drops during executions
  • Fixed the sidearm dropping from the stim execution
  • Fixed 180 degree bug with executions.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t move after Northstar’s execution
  • Fixed Titans warping to the floor when disembarking in mid-air
  • Fixed bug in Coliseum where holding down ordnance button between rounds would cause player to spawn on same side as their enemy
  • Fixed a bug that could cause rodeoing pilots to not be hit by Electric Smoke.
  • Various Faction Leader announcement fixes when executing rodeo
  • Various improvements to Titan nose art issues
  • Adjusted disembark to better handle disembarking onto a raised platform

HUD/Menu Fixes

  • Added player level to callsign cards during killcam
  • HUD options menu now displays proper value for 2d/3d damage indicator settings
  • Player gen of 2.09 no longer incorrectly displays as 2.9
  • Fixed bug in Live Fire so flag icon now displays properly during killcam and spectator mode
  • Fixed custom loadout names sometimes showing wrong text


  • Fixed bug where you would still get an option to buy after purchasing Angel City’s Most Wanted Bundle
  • Various stability improvements